My name is Steven Rosen, and I’m the founder of Security Mortgage Financial Services, Inc. This is the true story of my experience caring for my retired father, and the reason I’ve taken it upon myself to help Pennsylvania seniors find financial stability through HECM loans (also called reverse mortgages).

During the 12 years that my father lived with me, I got to know his routine intimately.

Every single day, he’d wake at 6 a.m. and spend the morning playing tennis. After getting a few games in, he’d go over to LA Fitness, where he’d hang out well into the afternoon. By 4 p.m., he’d drive on over to the Old Country Buffet and load his plate with roasted turkey and fresh fruit. And every day around dusk, he’d return home to watch TV and turn in for the night.

I never gave much thought to the routine itself or what it meant to him; it was just what he would do, and I was used to it. There was comfort in it not just for him, but for me as well – I’d always know where he was, what he was, and when to expect him back.

But I didn’t realize for a long time how valuable that routine and the familiarity of his everyday surroundings were to my father, and to his mental and physical health. That is, until one evening in November 2011, when my father – then 81 years old – called me from the emergency room at St. Mary Medical Center.

Naturally, I rushed over there as quickly as I could, and there I found him in good spirits. He insisted that he was fine and told me not to worry about him. Eventually, I returned home while the hospital kept him overnight for observation.

For all intents and purposes, that was my last conversation with my father.

When I returned the next morning, my father didn’t know who I was anymore. In his mind, he was back in high school in the ’40s, speaking incoherently about his football days and wholly disconnected from reality.

The doctors told me that, although he’d been showing small signs of dementia for years, he’d been able to largely hold it together for more than a decade because of the familiarity of his home and the comfort of his routine.

Staying at home with his family in his old age for as long as possible – rather than entering an assisted-living facility or a nursing home – helped my father enjoy old age and live the fullest possible life. For that reason, I’ve made it my goal to help senior citizens stay in their homes and age gracefully, at ease with their surroundings, and close to their families and friends.

Unfortunately, financial circumstances can often get in the way. Times are tough, and Social Security or a pension (if you’re lucky enough to have one) often isn’t enough when you’re not working. That’s why Bucks County seniors need an honest advisor to help them find the right reverse mortgage – I like to call it the Stay In Your Home Loan – allowing them to continue living their golden years in the comfort of their own homes.

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